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Born in 1974 İran-Tabriz in a musical family. Father (Javad) was surgery phd. poet, painter and Tar player.
Moved to Istanbul, because of war , at 1987.
Started taking drum lessons at 1988 and playing in a local university blues band…and later on in various local rock bands. played his first album recording in 1989 with a old blues rock guitar player (Yavuz… surname forgotten) and playing in clubs and small gigs with various bands.
in 1990 started his professional carrier with Kronik, one of first and pioneer metal bands in Turkey. Recorded first album “Endless War” in 1991 which released in 1992.
In 1996 start working as drum sale rep in Turkey’s first drums and percussions store in Zuhal Muzik, managed by Asım Can Gündüz (Guitar artist) and playing as session drummer with rock, pop, ethnic projects and bands.
In 1997 met Dom Famularo and Steve Smith, than later same year Pt. Suresh Talwalkar. in ’98 went to his first trip to India and took rhythm and music lessons from him also two more times in coming years…
Currently, playing with Serbest Bölge, Kronik, BioRhythm and AstroBand. also continue producing and making solo projects and releases.